New year, new theme!

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Yeah, why not starting a new year with a new theme ?

A new theme

OK, this year I decided to change my blog and I start with a new theme: minimal-mistakes, fantastic no ?

You didn’t believe I was able to create a blog like this on my own and you’re right!! Why do I ask, I’m alone on this blog 😃

What next this year ?

Hmmm, I didn’t write too much posts last year, so why not change this ? So what’s the plan this year about engge:

  • lighting shader!! As explained in the previous post, I worked on lighting shader, and it will be available for the next release 0.7.0.
  • a new graphic framework, I will replace SFML by my own framework based on SDL2, check the repo.
  • with a framework based on SDL2, it will be simpler to add input controllers support
  • and bug fixes, hooray


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